People of all ages struggle with back pain, but it often becomes more common as a person ages. Think about it: if you're having regular back pain right now, did you when you were younger? In most cases, probably not. But what causes back pain to become more prevalent as people age? Keep reading to find out.

1. Gravity

One of the leading causes of back pain, believe it or not, is gravity. Or rather, the effects of gravity over many decades. Gravity weighs down on everything on the planet, including your own body. When your spine is up against gravity for decades, it can start to slowly push the vertebrae closer together and towards the bottom of the spine. This can cause discomfort as it can cause the disks between the vertebrae to become pinched.

If this sounds too unreal to be believed, then just read about how astronauts often return measuring a bit taller than when they left. That's because the lack of gravity allows their spine to spread out, restoring them to their full height when they were young.

2. Excess Weight

Another common problem that can contribute to back pain in old age is the tendency for older people to gain a little weight. That extra weight can pull down on the lower back and spine in the same way that gravity can. It also intensifies the effect of gravity depending upon where you're carrying the weight. For example, if you carry your excess weight in your belly, then you can be certain that it's putting a strain on your spine as well as the muscles that support your back and abdomen.

3. Arthritis

Lastly, older folks often develop osteoarthritis and it can happen in the spine, too. This condition causes the breakdown of cushioning between the vertebrae and can cause a lot of pain in the process. While osteoarthritis can't typically be reversed, there are treatments that can help.

If you're going through any of these problems or are just tired of your back pain, it's time to go to a professional for help. One such example of a pro is a chiropractor. Chiropractors are experts at treating the spine and surrounding muscles, and they'll be able to help you by providing immediate relief and long-term healing. So if you're ready to say goodbye to the back pain you have endured, consider giving a chiropractor a call.