An auto accident is one of the most traumatic things that your body can go through. It's not just about striking your body or face when you come to a sudden stop. The overall shaking of the car, the jostling when you make impact, and the sudden shift in inertia going from, say, 60 miles per hour to nothing at all has a terrible impact on the body. As a result, even if you weren't seriously injured in the car, you may be experiencing a lot of bodily pain after the fact. If you are, you need to visit with a chiropractor who offers auto accident chiropractor treatments for help. Here's why.

Muscle Knots

One of the problems people frequently suffer from after a car accident is muscle knots. These tight patches of muscle develop because of injury or because you're feeling tense after being in a car accident. The body tightens up the muscles to the point that they become rigid and unmoving, which can make it difficult to get through your daily chores and needs. It can even make common things difficult like turning your head in order to drive safely.

Misaligned Spine

Another common problem with any kind of car accident is that the spine becomes misaligned. Think about it: when you collide with another car, your entire body shoots forward before being restrained by the seat belt. Then, if it was a frontal collision, your airbag explodes outwards and your head smacks into it and then rebounds.

If you've ever seen a test dummy go through a car accident test, you can probably imagine what kind of damage this would do to your back. Your spine is a delicate structure that isn't designed to go through intense trauma like this, and a car accident can put it out of alignment and leave you hurting all over. This isn't just anecdotal, either. The spine houses and protects the nerves running through it that control your entire body, so you may very well have full-body problems just due to the condition of your spine.

What to Expect

When you visit a chiropractor for help, the first thing they'll do is listen to your concerns and talk to you about what's hurting and what exactly happened in the car accident.

From there, they'll perform a physical examination. You'll lie down on a table face-down and they'll gently feel around your back and neck for problem areas. If they discover any, they'll get to work adjusting them. How they do this depends on each chiropractor; some will manually adjust the neck and spine just with their hands, while others will use tools. If you're concerned about how your chiropractor will do it, don't hesitate to ask.