Back pain a common complaint among women going through their periods. As though cramps and bloating weren't bad enough, chances are you've gone through some back pain during that time of the month. If this sounds like you and you're tired of putting up with it, then here's what you need to know about what's causing it and how you can combat it.


Inflammation is the leading cause of back pain during a period. Inflammation in the body rises when you go through your period as your hormones shift. This is also what tends to cause bloating throughout the body.

When inflammation occurs, the tissues in your back tend to swell with additional fluid. This can make the tissues heavier and harder for your spine to support, so both your spine and your soft tissues can end up hurting.

Effect on the Spine

Inflammation doesn't stop at soft tissues, however. While the bones in your spine will be impervious from this problem, that doesn't mean that the supports between them get out scot-free.

When inflammation in your body — and particularly your back — rises, it puts a strain on your spine. Vertebrae may move closer together because they're temporarily carrying more weight as your tissues fill with fluid. This can squash the supports between your vertebrae, making it very uncomfortable for you. If you've ever bent over during your period and heard your back crack, then that's the sound of your vertebrae temporarily stretching back into their normal position. However, as soon as you stand up and they're put back under the added weight, they're likely to be squashed back down to a cramped position again and start pinching the supports between the vertebrae.

What to Do

If you're having this problem, you don't have to rely on heavy-duty pain killers or simply put up with the pain. Instead, you can visit a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are pros at treating the spine and back in general. Your chiropractor will get straight to work using gentle pressure to push your vertebrae back apart and to release the supportive tissues between them. Then they'll work on the muscles supporting your spine in an effort to force out unwanted fluid and to get the muscles to relax, which are likely tense because of inflammation. This will help to not only give you instant comfort and relief but will last longer than simply bending forward and stretching your spine.

In addition, your chiropractor may give you a list of exercises you can do to further provide yourself with relief when it's that time of the month. Make sure to follow them and you'll likely have the most pain-free back you've ever experienced on a period.

Contact a chiropractor for more information about back pain treatment.