The time has come — you've decided to get back into shape and make fitness a priority! In order to do this, you need to start spending some time in the gym. But there's a decision to make: should you choose one-on-one training, or should you enroll in a group class? In most cases, it's worth paying a little extra for the one-on-one training. Here's why.

1. The exercises will be tailored to your needs.

When you attend a class, the movements are chosen based on the average needs of the group. You do your best to follow along and stick with it, but some of the moves might be too challenging for you, and others may not be challenging enough to give you the desired results. With one-on-one coaching, each move will be specifically tailored to your needs. You won't have to sit through and wonder what to do when the rest of the group is on an exercise you can't complete. Every second of your session will be exercises that directly help you reach your goals.

2. You can ask questions.

If you have questions during a class, you often have to stash them away in the back of your head and ask the instructor when the session is over. By then, you may have forgotten your questions, or you might be in a rush to leave and run out of time to ask. Working with a coach one-on-one gives you a chance to ask questions as they come up, which ensures you stay as informed as possible about your fitness routine.

3. You can work with the trainer to set realistic goals.

When you attend group classes, you often have to set goals on your own and then choose classes you hope will help you meet those goals. When you work with a private coach, on the other hand, they help you set your goals. This can be really helpful if you're not sure what goals you should set or what goals are most realistic for you to set.

4. Someone is holding you accountable.

If you're in a class and you give in to the temptation to take it easy, nobody is going to say anything. But when you're working with a coach, they will be there to encourage you and push you forward every step of the way. Having someone hold you accountable will help ensure you meet your goals.

Working with a one-on-one personal training coach may cost a bit more than attending classes, but it's worth it.