Getting physical therapy following an injury or surgery can actually improve your recovery results in many ways, including improving strength and mobility in affected joints and muscles. Your chiropractor is a specialist who works on aligning and adjusting the body for overall health, and they are a great tool for recovery in your physical therapy needs. How can your chiropractor assist when it comes to physical therapy? Use this guide to assist you.

They can keep your body properly balanced

Part of physical therapy being successful is this: having a healthy and solid physical foundation to begin with. More than 80% of American adults suffer from bad posture at some point in their lives, which affects general health and attributes to back pain. In order to have physical therapy truly work, you need to have the proper adjustments all over. Your chiropractor will adjust your spine, neck, and hips as well as they can without disrupting your recovery situation to help you get the most out of your recovery time.

They can keep your core strong

The core is the center of your body. With a healthy core, you're able to strengthen your spine, legs, arms, and other parts of your body much more easily. Your chiropractor will make adjustments, manage swelling, and help you perform simple yet effective exercises to make your core stronger so you can heal more rapidly and remain strong even after you've completed physical therapy.

They can keep your body movements natural

A chiropractor studies the design, range, and motion of the body, so they are the experts to turn to when getting your range of motion back as part of your recovery is important to you. Whether you have been healing from a surgery and you want to get back into sports or you've had an injury that has required you to be in a splint or cast for some time, it's your chiropractor who can help you keep your body movements natural and improving until you get your full range of motion back.

Keep in mind that in order for your chiropractor's efforts to work, you have to follow the physical therapy regimen they give you. This means doing physical therapy and strengthening exercises at home along with repeat visits to the chiropractor until they have deemed you fully healed. Many of the physical therapy activities you do in the chiropractor's office can be continued as part of your general health routine once you have healed.