If you've recently been involved in an auto accident, the first step toward recovery is assessing your injuries. Getting an accurate assessment, though, can be difficult.

Fortunately, your chiropractor can thoroughly assess your injuries to help you get the settlement and treatment you deserve.


Your spinal cord is comprised of 33 vertebrae. Each of these vertebrae are interlocking and aligned to provide stability and mobility throughout your body.

24 of your vertebrae are designed to be malleable and movable. Your chiropractor will begin assessing your auto injury accidents by taking an X-Ray of these 24 vertebrae. Once they examine the X-Rays, they will manipulate and palpate any vertebrae that appear out of alignment. Because your vertebrae are interlocking, sometimes adjusting one vertebrae will shift other vertebrae in your spine. Thus, your chiropractor may take an X-Ray  before and after your initial assessment consultation.

Another benefit of taking X-Rays is that your auto accident attorney can use them to build a case for damages from the insurance companies involved in your case. It's critical to sign a medical release waiver to give your chiropractor permission to share your X-Rays and injury assessment with your auto accident attorney.

Treatment Plan

Once your auto accident injuries are assessed, your chiropractor can develop a long-term treatment that takes a holistic approach to your healthy and well-being.

In addition to regularly monitoring and realigning your spine, you chiropractor can focus on making adjustments you need to get back to life and work. For instance, if you suffered severe whiplash in the auto accident, your chiropractor can compliment their spinal adjustments with massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. These additional treatments can often be done in a single visit. Thus, you may start off by seeing a physical therapist who can help improve your neck strength and mobility, before seeing your chiropractor and a massage therapist to conclude your visit. Finding a chiropractor who can provide multiple services under one roof can save you time and help ensure that your treatment providers are synchronized.

Additionally, utilizing a chiropractor who staffs multiple professionals makes the billing process more efficient and can allow your auto accident attorney to keep better records for your case. Lastly, your chiropractor can develop a plan that extends far into the future to account for any permanent or chronic damage you might have suffer from the accident.

If you have been in an auto accident and are now experiencing back pain, consider consulting an auto injury expert.