If you've recently lost some weight, you're probably now looking at ways to maintain your weight loss while enjoying some of the treats you've been denying yourself. And while the basic "eat less, exercise more" formula still applies, there are some more unexpected resources available that may be able to help you in your ongoing weight journey. Learn more about how chiropractic treatment can help you maintain your new weight.

Less Joint and Muscle Pain = More Desire to Exercise

One of the main purposes of chiropractic treatment is to ease stress and pressure on the joints. As you walk, run, and go about your daily activities, your joints are under constant stress; over time, this can manifest itself in the development of scar tissue that restricts free movement, also known as subluxation. When a chiropractor "frees" these joints from restriction, pain and stiffness can be eased. 

It can go without saying that the more chronic joint pain you're experiencing, the less you're likely to want to engage in high-impact exercise. Visiting a chiropractor whenever you find yourself becoming a bit sorer than normal can ensure that your exercise regimen stays on track and helps you maintain your weight and fitness level.

Getting Rid of the Need for Pain Medications = Less Medication-Related Weight Gain

Millions of Americans regularly take over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers to deal with minor aches and pains and more serious issues. Others may get regular cortisone injections directly into the affected joints or tissues to reduce inflammation. These medications, especially steroids, often come with some unwanted side effects, including weight gain.

By getting regular chiropractic adjustments, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your reliance on these medications. This can allow you to maintain your new weight or even lose more weight without making major lifestyle changes.

Decreasing Stress and Tension = More Energy to Commit to an Active Lifestyle

In addition to its positive impact on pain and stiffness, chiropractic treatment can boost your mood, decrease stress, and help you feel better both physically and mentally. When you're in a better state of mind, weight maintenance can become easier than if you're struggling with feelings of stress or depression. With chiropractic treatment, you may also find that you have more energy to commit to your weight loss regimen, whether through regular meal planning, exercise with family or friends, or other activities that can help you maintain weight loss.

For more information about chiropractic weight loss programs, contact a chiropractor.