Staying in the best physical shape does require consistency and effort. There may be challenges with how to stay active after an injury, health diagnosis, or surgery. Old injuries may not have healed well and may be causing a great deal of pain. Daily pain and discomfort are not always remedied fully by medications. It is possible to be taking the doctor prescribed amount each day but still have lingering pain. The ongoing pain may start to affect your quality of life and prohibit certain activities. Being able to interact with friends, work on a regular basis, or even do household chores can be especially difficult if there is ongoing pain. Here are a few tips for obtaining the best physical therapy.


Start working with a physical therapy professional to know which actions will be most beneficial. Workout plans that may have worked in the past may cause unknown damage. This is especially true when tendons or ligaments have been damaged. Recovering from broken bones or surgery may require learning how to walk and perform basic movements from scratch. Relearning how to use these muscle groups may require several weeks of physical therapy visits.

In addition to specific exercises done in the office, the therapist may give daily exercises that can be done at home in between visits. Following these exercises exactly as described is the best way to prevent any additional injury. Having in-office support is the best way to gain confidence when performing the exercises at home.


Many physical therapy treatment plans are covered by an insurance plan. There may be reduced prices available for those who need a series of services without insurance. Always ask questions if cost is a concern or if you are on a fixed income. Always follow the instructions given by the physical therapist for the best medical outcome. This is especially important if using physical therapy services ordered by a medical provider. Patients who still experience pain or discomfort after therapy may need additional medications to ease the pain or surgery. Some health plans may not approve requests for a series of pain injections or surgery if physical therapy was not tried first.

Take some time to reach out to a local physical therapy clinic for an appointment. There are noninvasive ways to improve mobility through therapy. Use these tips when working with a physical therapist to improve mobility and quality of life.