A Department of Transportation exam is a requirement for earning your CDL or getting it renewed. You may also need this exam to obtain a position at certain companies. While this often feels like one more big hurdle towards starting your career as a commercial driver, it is meant to keep people safe by making sure that all drivers of large vehicles are physically fit for conducting their duties. The DOT physical exam must be completed by an approved certified medical examiner. Other than that, you typically have the choice of who you want to go to for the exam, and visiting a chiropractic office offers you these benefits for sailing through the test.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Appointment

Anxiety about going to the doctor is fairly common, and you may even hear people refer to this as white coat syndrome. For some reason, some people react to medical appointments in ways that raise their blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is a potential disqualified for passing the DOT certified physical exam, it is important to feel as calm as possible. Chiropractors are health professionals that are trained in relaxation and stress relief techniques. From setting your appointment to the actual exam, each step is designed to make things as comfortable as possible for you. 

Be Fully Prepared for Your Exam

When you are waiting for exam results to get your license or job, the last thing you need is to deal with unnecessary delays. Depending upon your current state of health, you may need to bring various types of paperwork to your appointment. For instance, people with diabetes will need to bring the results of their latest tests. You may also need to a letter from your cardiologist if you have heart disease. When you contact the chiropractor for your appointment, they can discuss with you any known medications and health conditions. Then, they'll help you create a list of items to bring to make sure that you don't have to come back to the office.

Find Solutions for Repetitive Strain Injuries

Commercial drivers are at higher risk for pain due to the stress that repetitive actions place on there bodies. If you are early in your career, then learning how to prevent potential repetitive stress injuries is critical for your long term health. If you are seeking a CDL renewal, then you can take advantage of this visit by letting your chiropractor know if you have pain in any part of your body. With their expertise, you can identify ways to get pain relief and prevent future instances of pain. While your DOT exam might be what got you to the office, developing a relationship with your chiropractor can help you stay comfortable during your career.