Running a marathon is quite a feat. Even if you don't set a personal best or place in your age group, you still ran 26.2 miles, and that is an accomplishment in itself. After you celebrate, though, it is time to start focusing on sports recovery. Seeing a chiropractor can be a good element of that recovery process, and here's why.

An adjustment can correct a pelvic imbalance after hours of running on the side of the road.

When you run on the side of the road, as is common in many marathons, one leg sits a bit lower than the other. After miles and miles, this can lead to a misalignment of your pelvis as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments on one side will be tighter than on the other. If you ran on the side of the road for all or most of your training, you may be even worse off. A chiropractor can adjust your pelvis to even you out, which will help you recovery more fully and also avoid injury once you start training again.

An adjustment eases muscle tension.

After a marathon, your muscles are going to be tight! Your chiropractor will adjust your spine to take pressure off the tightest muscles in your back. They can also use other treatment techniques like cold laser therapy and pneumatic massage to soothe tired muscles in your legs, back, and core. With your muscle tension eased, you will walk more comfortably, which will prevent an altered gait from leading to joint pain during this initial recovery period.

An adjustment promotes stress relief and relaxation.

A chiropractic adjustment alleviates pressure on certain nerves running through and along your spine. This, in turn, leads to feelings of relaxation and stress relief. After months of hard training, you could certainly benefit from this stress relief! When you feel more relaxed, your body is better able to focus its efforts on recovery, and you won't have to worry as much about getting a cold or the flu, which is unfortunately common in marathoners who are stressed and rundown after their race. You should have an easier time sleeping after an adjustment, too, which will further help with your recovery.

Recovering from a marathon takes time and a little effort on your part. Visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment is one of the best things you can do to ensure a speedy, healthy recovery.