There is a misconception that a chiropractor will begin adjustments the first time they see you. There is also a misconception that all your chiropractor will do is manipulate your back to relieve lower back pain. The truth is, there are full treatment plans and consultations available to personalize your lower back pain therapy. Here are a few of the things to expect with a consultation and how it can best help you on the road to healing and relief from your lower back pain.


One of the first things you should expect from your chiropractor is a request for X-rays. There are several reasons you may be asked for these. The first is to determine if there are any specific bone and joint issues that are showing up. For example, you may have a curving of your lower back or an issue that is considered abnormal. The X-rays can also show if there are any other noticeable conditions that should be considered. This rules out issues, but can also be a suitable starting point for creating your treatment plan.

Alignment Check

Your chiropractor will check your alignment. This is done using an activator adjustment tool. The doctor will use the tool to determine how far out of alignment you are and where the first adjustments need to be made. During this step, they will also determine how many adjustments you may need initially, for the future, and at what frequency. Keep in mind the alignment check will let the chiropractor know if there are any issues that are not present on the X-ray as well. This can give a much better insight and full picture of what you are dealing with that is causing your lower back pain.

Treatment Consultation

After your initial X-rays and alignment check, your chiropractor will perform an initial alignment then met with you for a treatment consultation. This is where they will discuss your current situation. They also discuss the results of the X-rays as well as the alignment check. They will explain the information, how it pertains to your situation, and what goals they would like to reach with the treatment plan for your lower back pain. 

If you are ready to move forward with your treatment plan, contact your chiropractor. They can schedule a consultation to discuss your specific pain. You will need to bring any documentation of your pain if you have it. This can help them rule out which treatments have not worked for you in the past and which options may be best for moving forward with a new treatment and care plan. Contact a chiropractor for more information regarding lower back pain treatment.