People often assume that spinal adjustments are just for those with back and neck pain. Surely, having your spine adjusted can be an effective means of addressing back and neck pain due to multiple causes. However, spinal adjustments do more than alleviate back pain, and in fact, it's often best to get one before you reach the level of having back pain! With that in mind, take a look at these more subtle signs you may benefit from a spinal adjustment.

You're having trouble sleeping

Now, there are many possible reasons why you may be struggling to get a good night's rest. Sometimes a hormonal imbalance or mental health disorder may be to blame. But more often than they realize, people have trouble falling or staying asleep because they're struggling to get comfortable in bed, and that's because their spine is out of alignment. It may not be misaligned enough to cause distinct back pain yet, but it's misaligned enough to make you feel stiff or awkward unless you lie down in a very specific way. Having your spine adjusted will restore your flexibility and relax your muscles so you can lay down, get comfortable, and drift off.

You struggle to stand up straight

Do you feel like you're always leaning to one side? Maybe you're always favoring one side of your body as you walk, or perhaps you slump to one side in your chair. Sometimes you don't notice this until someone points it out to you. The leaning may be your body's way of compensating for a spinal misalignment to protect you from developing pain. But this only works for so long; eventually, the leaning will cause muscle soreness elsewhere. Having your spine adjusted can make it easier for you to stand and sit up straight, which will keep you more comfortable in the long run.

You've been feeling clumsy

Clumsiness can be a sign of a neurological condition like MS, so have your doctor rule that out. Once you find out you don't have a neurological condition, though, you should seek a spinal adjustment. If your spine is out of place, it can put pressure on certain nerves, making it harder for you to perceive where your body is — thereby causing you to bump into things and drop things more often. An adjustment can save you a lot of mistakes.

Spinal adjustments are not just for those with back pain. See a chiropractor if you're having trouble sleeping, feeling clumsy, or struggling to stand up straight.